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By-Laws of the 385th Bomb Group Association (385 BGA)

As Amended through 6 October 2006




Section 1. Veteran Members in this Association shall be either former veterans, or their wives or widows, who served with the 385th Bombardment Group (H), 8th AAF, and to veterans of other units assigned or attached for support purposes, who were stationed at Great Ashfield RAF Station 155, Great Ashfield, Suffolk, England during World War II.


Section 2. Associate Members shall be other family members of veterans and/or those persons or organizations who have an interest in the activities and purposes of the 385 BGA.


Section 3. Honorary Membership(s) may be awarded by the Executive Board to (an) individual(s) for exceptional contributions to the 385 BGA or its purposes. Honorary Membership may be awarded for either one year or for life.

Section 4. Members who have paid for Life Membership shall retain that status until their death. No new Life Memberships shall be offered.


Section 5. The word Member(s) in all documents shall include Veteran Member(s), Life Member(s) and Associate Member(s). Any Member may hold office and vote. No one is considered a member unless he has paid the current dues.


Section 6. The Veteran Membership shall meet the requirements of Section 501 (c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as follows:

At least seventy five (75) percent of the Veteran and Life Members shall be war veterans, and substantially all (at least nearly ninety (90) percent), shall be veterans, or Cadets, or wives, husbands, widows, or widowers of war veterans.



Meetings of the Membership


Section 1. Meetings should be held annually, but in no case at periods longer than two years.  The geographic location of meetings should be dispersed around the USA, if possible, but the meetings will be held at locations and dates determined by the members or the Board. But if a personal meeting is not feasible, a mail meeting of the members may be called by the President for a specific and definite time.


Section 2. Notice of meeting dates and locations will be published in the Newsletter prior to the meeting. Meetings are normally, but need not be, at a reunion.


Section 3. A quorum at any member meeting shall consist of the members voting.. A majority vote shall decide any question.


Section 4. Members may vote either in person, by e-mail or by postal mail. No vote received after the meeting adjournment time, announced by the President, shall be counted.





The President may appoint any committee and name its chairman and scope. This chairman shall appoint his own committee members. Committees shall report to the Executive Board.



Executive Board


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