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Members shall be either veterans of the 385th Bombardment Group (H) of the 8th Army Air Force, including members of units assigned or attached for support while this Group was stationed at Great Ashfield, Suffolk, England during World War II or other persons or organizations interested in the history of the 385th Bomb Group and its veterans. Types of members shall be defined in the By Laws.



Registered Address


Section 1. The registered address of the 385 BGA shall be the address of the current Treasurer. Due notice will be given to the Internal Revenue Service when such address changes.

Section 2. The following documents should be kept at the Registered Address, subject to the inspection of the membership at any reasonable time upon prior written request:

(a) A list of the current members of the 385 BGA, with current addresses; email addresses, if available and permitted; and in the case of Associate Members, their 385th BG relative, if known.

(b) A copy of the current Constitution and By Laws.

(c) The annual balance sheets of the receipts and disbursements of the 385 BGA as filed, if required, with the Internal Revenue Service for the previous five (5) years.

(d) A copy of the notification letter of the IRS that the 385BGA is a tax exempt organization, together with all other pertinent IRS documents.

(e) All other books and documents required by law to be kept at the Registered Address.




Section 1. By Laws shall be passed to implement the purposes and operation of the 385 BGA, provided no By Law, or part of a By Law, conflicts with the purposes of this Constitution.  The members may repeal or amend the By Laws provided the proposed amendment has been published in the Newsletter prior to the meeting.

Section 2. The government of the 385 BGA shall be vested in an Executive Board, whose membership and functioning shall be defined in the By Laws, except, the membership, at a regular called meeting, may repeal any act of the Board.

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