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The Airman Database contained in this section of the website was created from a


Of the

385th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force

in World War II

Compiled by Bill Varnedoe

5000 Ketova Way, Huntsville, AL 35803

March 2013

The data were taken from the Loading Lists of these missions as preserved in the U. S. National Archives in College Park, MD.

There is an entry for each credited mission which that individual flew. However, aborted missions, training missions, slow-timing engines, etc. are not entered.

Please note: In the original records there were many typos and mis-spelled names. Therefore, in searching for an individual or tabulating his tour of combat, check other possible spellings or sound-alike spellings. These are combat airmen only, both enlisted men and officers. Ground personnel, mechanics, MPs, clerks, medical, etc., are not included, however, some flight photographers are.

The names are in alphabetical order, then by mission.

Each entry contains, in order:

1.      Name (Last, first)

2.      Position on the crew

(P=Pilot, CP=Co-pilot, CA=Command Pilot, N=Navigator, B=Bombardier, CTG=Chin Turret Gunner, TTG=Top Turret Gunner & Engineer, RO=Radio Operator. BTG=Ball Turret Gunner, TG=Tail Gunner, WGL=Waist Gunner Left, WGR=Waist Gunner Right, G=Gunner, O=Observer, F=Photographer, X=Extra, MO=Mickey (radar) Operator),

RC=Radio Control.

  1. 385th Mission Number (S= Stateside & T= Flight overseas)
  2. Date of that mission
  3. Crew (Pilot)
  4. B-17 flown (Serial Number)
  5. Name of that B-17, if known.


Other publications, such as  “The 385th Bomb Group, 8th Army Air Force WW II History and Data”  by W. W. Varnedoe and Charles Lundsberg III may furnish other information and/or pictures.